roofingHey There,

So the roof over our heads plays an important role to keeping us safe. What material do you want to use when you have your roof replaced? What are some advantages and disadvantages to each?

Well I would like to explain some in this article, about a few different type of roofing materials.

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carpet cleaning blogMaking messes on your carpets is bound to happen. No matter how careful I am during a project, there is always a mess when I’m done.. Whether my son decides to grab a paint pan and take off running – funny how they know to do that at such a young age- or my cat innocently walks through the middle of the room, there will always be a mess after a project. In this post we will go over some tips to take care of those messes..

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garden boxHey There,
Today we are going to take it outdoors! Building your own raised garden bed can be rewarding and fulfilling. It will give your yard a nice look while allowing easy access to your crops. It can also be perfect for drainage and keeping pest away.

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

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paddle-fan-largeHey There,
Having a ceiling fan can make any room more comfortable. Installing ceiling fans may not always be an easy task, especially when you just have a light fixture on the ceiling. But we are going to walk through just how to get it done.

Level of Difficulty: Expert – But don’t stress, there is no foul for calling a professional Electrician instead on this one.

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acHey There,

Why are you sitting there sweating and reading my blog? Yea So its over 100 outside.. Your air conditioner should be able to keep you comfortable.. As long as you don’t have that front door open to enjoy your newly installed screen door this time of year!

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

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traditional-screen-doorsHey There,

Today we will be going over Screen Doors. If you have not had a screen door before, you will be in for a treat! Screen doors can allow you to open your door to get a nice breeze while keeping any unwanted guest out. This post was inspired by Bob Vila at

Difficulty Level: Amateur

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Hey There,

Welcome to my new site Los Tobianos Home Improvement! At this site I will be writing about home improvement projects any body could do themselves..

I must say though, any home improvement project you tackle whether your following instructions like you find here or else where, has it’s dangerous and level of difficulty associated with it. If at any point you decide that the project is to advanced for you and your skill level, call a professional for help. The money spent with them will money well spent compared to the injuries you may incur.

I want to give a shout out to Skyless Marketing for helping me set this whole site up.

That being said, enjoy the post you find here detailing different home improvement projects!